2019 WITCHfest North now being planned! 

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October 1 - 31, 2018

“Into the Night”

A collaboration with Womynspirit Festival and a pre-parliamentary festival for the Parliament of the World’s Religions being held in Toronto, ON, Canada Nov 1 - Nov 7 - 2018

Though finished for the year, you can check this year’s events by visiting FB’s WITCHfest North page.

Check back for the 2019 call for submissions for vendors and participants, volunteers, venues and more!

october 5 - 31, 2017

"Out of the Broom Closet"

Presented by WitchCity Arts, WIMA Toronto and Lady Betty Jane Ware

For complete listings & information please check our Facebook page @WITCHfest North

We finished our festival with a Witch Pride walk and ancestor ritual that was beautiful and moving. Thank you to all venues, artists, performers and artisans who came out to support and to all our volunteers, we could not have had this success without you!

Special thanks to Rochelle Holt and Wonderworks staff, Artscape Youngplace, Deborah Daniel, Stephanie Dayes, Rosemary Stehlik, Saimah Khan, Leanne Shea Rhem, Lisa East, Lisa Cristinzo, Sue Todd, Daniel Rotsztain, Sharmila Dey, Laura Beeston, and the Dark Moon Coven. If you would like to leave a comment about your experience and tell us what you would like to see for the 2018 edition of WITCHfest North, please contact us @ witchcityarts@gmail.com.

Love and Light


About the Festival

I created this event with the intent to empower the diverse community of Toronto and specifically to celebrate the sacred feminine in the arts. Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and Polytheists should feel visible and safe in Toronto and these earth-based practices include a diverse range of spiritual and artistic practitioners that include the LBGTQ community, BIPOC and any isolated or marginalized practitioners and young beginners who have no role models or safe environments within which to share their learning experience. 

It is time for our communities to come together under one festival to celebrate one another's achievements and move forward together with respect. Presenting a city-wide arts festival which disrupts current damaging stereotypes and allows for a community to unite and become visible has been my vision since inception. I am very honoured to share this vision with many wonderful and hard working women who represent many diverse communities and hope we can break down colonialist restrictions and oppressions through our arts , spirituality and by being female identified.

Men are welcome to participate respectfully and support our community.

All participating artists and venues will share our community stories, knowledge, arts, crafts and music in an annual, joyous fall celebration.

The inaugural festival held an opening party on October 5th at Wonderworks on 25 Baldwin and it was a huge success! The festival continues at various participating venues listed here and on FB and will culminate in both a Witches Ball and a closing ritual for Samhain on the 31st.

We will be holding a debriefing and Witch Town Hall to discuss how our first year went and what we plan for the upcoming year Friday, November 3rd from 7 - 9 pm @ Wonderworks - 25 Baldwin. Please attend - we need your voices for all of us to be seen and heard!

For more information and details contact monica.bodirsky@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page WITCHfest North


Participating venues for 2017

Seekers Books, Wonderworks, The Hermit's Lamp, The Black Eagle, Likely General, The Brockton Haunt, The Fountain, Alternative Thinking, Voodoo Child, Tucana, Post and Beam Reclamation, Tincture and Tonic Apothecary, Toronto Schoo of Burlesque, Witches Brew Kombucha & Apothecary, The Stop and PAgan Pride Day, The Boat, D-Beatstro, Artscape Youngplace, and The Mystic Tearoom.